For state schools and local governments

complex solutions related to the methodology and organisation of language teaching

According to your defined needs we can offer you:

  • Methodology mini conferences including workshops and training sessions in different areas of language teaching read more

  • Preparation of detailed teaching programmes, also for specialist courses

  • Inducting teachers to run specialist courses (e.g. exam courses, courses of ESP) and preparing them to work with particularly demanding groups of students

  • Preparing entrance diagnostic tests that will enable smooth grouping of students into levels

  • Motivating your teachers to self development through lesson observations and very emphatic feedback sessions

  • Organisation of mock exams

  • Different language audits

  • “Tailor-made” training prepared on the basis of detailed needs analysis and corresponding to your particular wishes

  • Inducting your teachers to work with one of the most advanced e-learning tools Macmillan English Campus read more

  • Improving the overall running of your school using the Kaizen method

Separately we can organise for you extracurricular activities for your students such as lessons in entrepreneurial thinking and workshops in auto presentation (ran by Grzegorz Chołuj, a professional actor). We can also introduce into your school the American educational programme which develops creative thinking in kids and which is called the Odyssey of the Mind”. read more