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methodology support and solutions

We believe that you want your school to be the Quality Leader in language teaching.

How to make your school more attractive in the eyes of your clients?

The teachers are the best asset of any school. Teachers who are well motivated, inquisitive, open to change and wanting to develop, enthuse their students to learn.

Good teachers and good atmosphere

Good atmosphere among the teaching staff and other employees of the school cannot be measured or evaluated objectively by any inspection. Yet it is the atmosphere that is the main reason why the good teachers decide to stay on in your school. Their job satisfaction and their professional growth have an immediate influence on the atmosphere in the class and the quality of teaching. As a result this promotes the school among other teachers and, which is even more important, among its clients.

What can the Centre 4ELT do for your school

We offer help in building a team of professional teachers, who are open to change and willing to develop professionally and who are constantly searching „the one and only” best teaching method, who are inspired professionals promoting the idea of life-long learning with their own example. We suggest one or a few of the following forms of cooperation:

  • Teacher training in different areas of methodology of language teaching organised in the form of workshops, mini conferences or demonstration lessons.

  • Support in designing detailed  syllabuses that take into account specific learning needs and types of learners.

  • Helping the teachers in preparing attractive and effective lessons that incorporate the newest methods and techniques in language teaching.

  • Diagnostic tests that help evaluate the real level and progress of course participants.

  • Professional development of the teachers through lesson observations followed by feedback sessions delivered in a very friendly and supportive manner which motivates further self improvement.

  • General analysis of the school’s operations using the Kaizen method, the results of which enable the school’s managers to introduce many, often very simple but effective changes which improve the overall operations and atmosphere in the school and which encourage your employees to take responsibility for their performance.

  • Other forms of methodological support