Who we are

The founder and director of the Centre 4ELT, Anna Gębka-Suska, was for many years an academic director in one of the leading language schools in Poznań. As a methodology trainer she has run many workshops at English teaching conferences in Poland and abroad. She is actively involved in the proceedings of the Honorary Committee of IATEFL Poland. She is an inspector of PASE (the association that monitors the quality assurance of private language schools), a conference organiser and a co-author of “PLAYGROUND”, a coursebook for children. In addition Anna Gębka-Suska is a trainer and judge of the Odyssey of the Mind® educational programme. In 2005 her team won the Polish finals and took part in the world finals in Boulder, Colorado, where it came eighth out of 50 teams.

The Centre 4ELT co-operates with Centrum Kompetencji Grupa Szkoleniowo-Doradcza, with Pracownia Psycho-

logiczna Spotkanie, as well as Almiprojekt. Apart from this the Centre 4ELT gathers a group of experienced teacher trainers and teachers from the best Poznań language schools and regularly co-operates with the Odyssey of the Mind trainers: Gosia and Joasia who are very creative themselves and who know the programme „inside-out” since they are its former participants and world finalists of 2005.

Our mission

The mission of the Centre 4ELT is to promote the highest quality of language teaching in schools in Wielkopolska through preparing innovative teaching programmes, through development and support of language teachers, through sharing of expertise and through creation of innovative teaching materials. Our aim is for English to stop being a foreign language in Poland and to become a second language.

What we believe

There is no reason why Polish people should not speak English as well as the Scandinavian people do.

Everybody has the ability to learn a foreign language.

Nobody can be taught a foreign language but everybody can be helped to learn it.

The role of the teacher is to awaken and sustain the student’s motivation.

A true language teacher constantly works on her language and pedagogic skills.

Teachers who keep learning and developing professionally feel greater job satisfaction and therefore they become role models for their students thus promoting the idea of life-long learning. And the school they work in is better perceived by the society/community.

Learning a foreign language is a completely different process than learning maths, history or biology and therefore it should be carried out in a different way.

The best method of teaching a foreign language has not been discovered yet. But it will be. Soon.

Being a teacher is the most beautiful profession in the world – the teacher makes people grow.